Management System Policies

1. Mission, Vision and Values


Our raison d’être is to provide the broadest and most flexible range of services in the transport and, information and communication technology sectors, as well as the commercialisation of industrial products and raw materials.


We focus our efforts on sustainable growth, based on the provision of quality services and continuous improvement, as well as to becoming internationally renowned as a leading organisation.


Through over one hundred years’ experience we have demonstrated a definite future orientation driven by our two passions: our passion for growth and our passion for people.

  • We are passionate about growth because profitable growth is the only way to secure our future
  • We are passionate about people because service quality to clients and the drive, integration and effort of all employees at Erhardt France are key factors for future success.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Erhardt France we are committed to sustainable growth from financial, social and environmental points of view. Our aim is to supply high quality services, seeking economic growth and the generation of value for our clients, shareholders, employees, collaborating businesses, public administrations and society in general, in a responsible and efficient manner, encouraging the development of the social environment where we operate and using the natural resources necessary for our activity in a rational way.

In line with this corporate responsibility policy we have undertaken the following commitments:

  • We implement responsible recruitment practices aimed at boosting the employment rate while fighting social exclusion.
  • We encourage behaviour to promote health and safety at work for our employees and improved control of our subcontractors in the field of health and safety.
  • We promote awareness raising regarding a reduction of the environmental impact generated among our employees.
  • We are committed to the UN Global Compact principles.

3. Occupational Health and Safety Policy


The management of Erhardt France understand that Health and Safety management is a priority and strategic element in driving business results. This is a key factor which governs business leadership and is based on the following principles:


Watching over the protection of the health and safety of those working at Erhardt France. As this is an unwavering commitment, Erhardt France has integrated it into the organisation’s activity and takes the measures necessary to ensure its compliance.

Fostering a preventive culture as the basis of our business culture. Considering Health and Safety as an individual responsibility which determines the evolution of our business.

To achieve these commitments, Erhardt France has adopted and promotes a series of principles that govern all of its activities.


Our people are the most valuable resource in our organisation and therefore nothing is more important than Health and Safety.

Conducting any activity that comes before Health and Safety of people is not compatible. Any task must be planned and performed with Safety always in mind.

Each person working at Erhardt France is responsible for Safety, and in particular the Management and those managing teams. Safety should be managed accordingly.

Since accidents are basically management failures, every accident can be prevented.

Compliance with the current law in force, as well as other requirements voluntarily set forth by the company is mandatory.


At Erhardt France everyone should know and undertake their roles and duties regarding Health and Safety.

This policy is known by every person at Erhardt France and since it is a public policy, it is also available upon request.

Health and Safety management is based on a continuous improvement process.

4. Quality Policy

During our history spanning over a century, Erhardt France was able to meet different market challenges, offering and developing the most efficient solutions to fulfil our clients’ demands.

Our understanding of helping our clients in their businesses is based on identifying how things should be done. For Erhardt France this means team-work and a challenge; for our clients this are tailor-made solutions.

Only together, with the commitment and effort of each one of us we can see this joint project through. To grow we must create and to create we must believe. And this can only be achieved with one formula: work, work and work even harder. This is our commitment.

5. Environmental Policy

Erhardt France objective is to adapt to the needs of its customers and be competitive in the market of which it is part, integrating criteria of sustainable development, efficient management of resources, environmental protection and respect for the demands of society.

For this reason, it publishes the principles of its environmental policy.

  1. Erhardt France complies with the legal and other environmental requirements that apply to its activity and the services it provides, as well as other obligations that may be established, especially in preventing pollution and reducing the impact on natural resources and people as far as possible.
  2. Erhardt France is wholeheartedly committed to preserving the environment by reducing the consumption of resources, controlling the dumping of hazardous chemical substances and minimising the use of components that are harmful to the environment and living beings.
  3. Erhardt France understands environmental protection as an essential part of its activity and ensures that it is carried out by means of specific goals and guidelines. Environmental protection requires everyone in the organisation to behave responsibly in accordance with the demands of today's reality.
  4. Erhardt France understands that the reduction in environmental impact generated by the consumption of water and energy and inadequate waste management, among other things, is at the heart of its environmental protection policy.
  5. As an active member of the community in which it provides its services and co-exists, Erhardt France is committed to complying with the Codes of Good Environmental Practices in the area in which it operates.

6. Security Policy

At Erhardt France we see security as an integral process which should take into account a risk assessment guaranteeing every threat is managed using the appropriate resources and to enable us to implement mitigation systems designed to reduce those risks.

To do so, we document, implement, maintain and continuously improve our security procedures which define the security measures to be implemented in each case.

Physical Security Policy

An efficient physical security control should implement protection measures aimed at preventing unauthorised access to our facilities.

As a result, Erhardt France has decided to implement an access control system in our premises which controls access for our employees, suppliers, visitors and vehicles, among other security measures.

Information Security Policy

In knowledge-based societies, information is a strategic asset for organisations.

At Erhardt France, we acknowledge the importance of identifying and protecting our information assets, preventing the destruction, dissemination, modification and unauthorised use of any information related to clients, suppliers, employees, strategy, management or any other matter.

As a result, we are committed to protect Erhardt France's information resources and technology used to process information against any internal and external, deliberate or accidental threat, in order to guarantee confidentiality, integrity, availability, legal compliance and reliability of such information.

Personal Data Protection Policy

We undertake to duly process any personal data we may have access to.

Any person who has access to personal data is bound to comply with the security documentation provisions (which detail technical and organisational measures compliant with the applicable security regulation).

We offer citizens the possibility of exercising any rights they may be legally entitled to in relation to personal data processing which may be included in the data we process as data managers, upon request.

Supply Chain Security Policy

Our priority at Erhardt France is to create better solutions for each client aiming to achieve safe and efficient supply chains.

To do so, we are committed to the full integration of security management as part of the business activity we carry out in the supply chain.

As a transport and logistics platform operator, Erhardt France undertakes to provide an integral service in an efficient, reliable and safe way, at all points of the supply chain, supporting the fight against criminal activities faced by the supply chain (theft, smuggling, fraud, etc.), hiring personnel who are committed to the implementation of secure practices, and implementing security parameters providing the required reliability to prevent risk in any type of irregular or suspicious activity.

7. Policy for Business Continuity and Availability of Information Systems

The purpose of this policy is to ensure, based on the best available practices on Business Continuity and Availability of Information Systems:

  • That a Continuity/Availability Plan has been drawn up to protect Port Services & Logistics | Erhardt France, its associates, clients, employees and resources from any internal and external, deliberate or accidental, threat.
  • That all activities related to the Continuity/Availability Plan are carried out in an orderly co-ordinated and standardised manner.
  • That the Continuity/Availability Plan corresponds to the dimension, complexity and nature of the organization, meeting the changing needs of the business at all times.
  • That it addresses the definition of a management environment necessary to maintain the Continuity/Availability Plan efficacy.
  • That the Continuity/Availability Plan is reviewed once a year to ensure its requirements comply with agreements made under any circumstances, including normal to severe loss of service.
  • That the Continuity/Availability Plan is tested whenever there is a major change in the business environment.
  • That the Continuity/Availability Plan is supported by backup copies, as set forth in the organisation internal procedures.