June, 1 2020

ERHARDT, though its company in France, ERHARDT FRANCE, has launched a new regular general freight line with Dakar (Senegal).
The new monthly line will operate between the ports of Bayonne (France) and Dakar (Senegal). The service began in May with a maiden voyage from Bayonne with a cargo of timber.

Even though the line will be direct between Bayonne and Dakar, the possibility of stopovers at different points along the route is being considered for the future. ERHARDT is thus providing a new maritime transport service for the hinterland of Aquitaine, South of France and North of Spain. This new line will improve transit times and costs between those markets and the west coast of Africa, traffic that had in some cases been through Mediterranean ports up until now.

This new general freight maritime transport line is an important boost and provides new opportunities for trade between Senegal, the South of France and North of Spain. The new line will help to consolidate the transport of timber, construction materials and other products between both destinations.

In this new initiative, ERHARDT is acting as the charterer, shipping agent and stevedore of the cargo through ERHARDT FRANCE, its subsidiary in Bayonne.

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