May 2021

Rail transport has a positive impact on the conservation of the environment and improves cost efficiency in the steel logistics chain.

Laminoirs des Landes is one of the most modern steel rolling mill in Europe, an agile company that combines flexible production with efficient delivery of its products (heavy plates) based on customer needs and on logistics models that guarantee deliveries of material safely and reliably.

As the post-pandemic environment evolves, companies are reconsidering our role in this new society, transforming operations in order to make our business more sustainable. In this sense, we work to improve the sustainability of our operations and those of our clients, promoting a profitable supply chain, greener and prepared to generate benefits in the broadest sense, both for companies and the environment.

Erhardt France provides Laminoirs des Landes with rail transport solutions, a competitive and environmentally sustainable means that brings efficiency and flexibility to the customer’s supply chain.

We have the appropriate infrastructure and an integrated logistics model: maritime, overland, customs, warehousing … that allows us to offer an end-to-end connected supply chain.

Laminoirs des Landes, like Erhardt France, operates from the port of Bayonne, in the Aquitaine region, south-western France. Thanks to this privileged position we can offer sustainable logistics solutions in which we can combine maritime transport with rail transport to the main European destinations.

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