Connecting people, ideas and businesses for over 100 years

Erhardt France is a member of the Erhardt Group. As a family business founded in 1882, we have travelled a long way since then. Our outreach and businesses have changed, while certain concepts remain set in stone: customers lie at the heart of everything we do, people are the company’s driving force, and we think and act with a long-term outlook.
Our capacity to respond, our flexibility and our close rapport with our customers are the keys that define our value as a company.


Logistics & Maritime Services

Steel & Trading


Underwriting & Risk Management

Who we are

We all share our corporate mission and values; they are our hallmarks and guide our steps. Over and above our individual personalities, our values bring us together: we strive to be receptive, flexible and conscientious.


We are proud of our past and always receptive to new ideas and experiences. It is this dynamic, forward-looking mindset that drives us to question, listen, collaborate and uphold a spirit of continuous learning.


We are inquiring, bold and enterprising. We are customer-focused, we enjoy looking to the future and we respond quickly to risks and opportunities. Flexibility and courage underpin our work. We operate as a single team, responding flexibly and dynamically.


The trust shown by our customers, employees and suppliers is vital. We seek lasting relationships; we respect our environment, and we faithfully uphold our commitments. We do the right thing and operate in a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Erhardt, our aim is to pursue sustainable economic, social and environmental growth.

Our remit is to provide services of the utmost quality, conscientiously and efficiently seeking economic growth and value creation for our customers, shareholders, employees, partner businesses, public administrations and society at large, enhancing the development of the social environment in which we operate and making rational use of the natural resources our business requires.

Our pledge

To apply responsible recruitment practices designed to create jobs and combat social exclusion.

To comply with the principles set forth in the UN Global Compact.

Our aim

A performance that ensures our own employees’ health and safety at work and more closely monitors contractors within this field.

Staff training and awareness with a view to reducing our environmental impact.

Health, Safety, Security, Quality, and Environmental (HSSQE) Management

Erhardt is committed to the design of business models that help to provide value for customers and the social environment in which we operate. The quality of our service, meeting our customers’ expectations, and forging lasting ties with society, customers and the company’s employees are the main pillars of our strategy.


Over this trajectory that dates back more than a century, we have successfully responded to different market challenges, providing and developing the most effective solutions for fulfilling our customers’ requirements. Our way of supporting our customers and their businesses means identifying how things should be.

Occupational Health & Safety

We safeguard and protect the health and wellbeing of Erhardt’s employees. We provide safe and healthy working conditions for preventing accidents and health issues. This is a non-negotiable commitment, whereby Erhardt ensures it is part of its business operations and adopts the necessary measures to guarantee its compliance.


We promise to abide by all legal requirements of an environmental nature applicable to our business. We understand environmental protection to be a vital part of our business. We ensure its compliance through targets and guidelines that lead to continuous improvement in the efficiency of the organisation’s management system and its environmental performance.